Singleness: A Woman’s Rare Good Fortune

We are the lucky ones. In a world rife with child marriage, teen marriage, and many more millions of women trapped in traditional patriarchal societies where women are expected to be household servants and treat their husband as an honored guest/helpless man-child, we lucked out. We made it. We got out. We dodged a bullet.Continue reading “Singleness: A Woman’s Rare Good Fortune”

Misogyny and the Canary in the Coal Mine

The canary in the coal mine was a live, chirping alarm system for poisonous gasses. In the heyday of coal mining, men worked in small, tight, dangerous tunnels with little light. Banging on pipes with a shovel could sometimes serve as a communication system, but there was no technology to measure or detect the presenceContinue reading “Misogyny and the Canary in the Coal Mine”