The Chattanooga Food and Drink Scene

…is great, but this article certainly isn’t going to try cover it all! This is an almost completely random sampling of only five spots, based on a recent three week long visit back home. Chattanooga…I love you. Niedlovs Pictured above: blackberry lavender lemon scones, plus salmon and lox. Like most coffeeshops in Chattanooga, Niedlov’s isContinue reading “The Chattanooga Food and Drink Scene”

Jagalchi Fish Market

It was so rainy that day, but at least it was mostly a steady, manageable sprinkle. An umbrella would have been great. Instead of that, I had a light purple, quick-dry, button down shirt (my favorite for excursions), a pair of thin all-purpose black slacks, Chaco sandals, and hair pulled back so the raindrops couldContinue reading “Jagalchi Fish Market”