Charis: Ancient Greek for sweetness, undeserved favor.

Grace in the Wild

“Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong”

– the band For King and Country

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Memories of Albania

Sensory memories are funny things, aren’t they? We can inhale a whiff of fall air and suddenly remember the scratchiness of jumping in leaf piles in elementary school, or see a white pine tree like the one we used to climb and have an intense recollection of sticky sap, white fluffy clouds, lunchboxes, and laughter…

Ask Me About Busses!

Over the past 4 years, I’ve lived in 6 countries and owned a car in none of them! No two locations were alike. There were so many adventures and even more misadventures at every step of the way. When fresh-off-the boat Grace first took the bus to her new teaching job in Suzhou in 2018,…

Tips for Long Flights

Having done my fair share of long global flights, including journeys with multiple connections, I have to confess that there’s no secret to it. The flying part itself is the easiest thing in the world – just stay in your seat as long as the seatbelt sign is on! Booking tickets, getting to the airport…

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