The Chattanooga Food and Drink Scene

…is great, but this article certainly isn’t going to try cover it all! This is an almost completely random sampling of only five spots, based on a recent three week long visit back home.

Chattanooga…I love you.


Pictured above: blackberry lavender lemon scones, plus salmon and lox.

Like most coffeeshops in Chattanooga, Niedlov’s is hopping in the morning and lunch rush. Coffee refills are free. They bake a variety of bread and sweets in the bakery – many other Chattanooga restaurants use Niedlov’s bread for their burgers or sandwiches – and almost everything I’ve ever had has been delicious. Their sweet/sticky breakfast rolls, cookies, and quiches are excellent as well.

The outdoor seating area is a patio with vines on trellises for ceiling and a cute fountain and flowers display in the center It’s easier to find parking here than at most other places on Main Street, because it has its own parking lot which is FREE.

Endorsement from me: Massive Yes (It’s been my favorite coffeeshop for years!)

Mayan Kitchen

Strawberry Champagne mojito, pictured above.

In addition to the cocktail, I had a glass of horchata and a plate of pupusas, both of which were very good. If you’ve ever had authentic Guatemalan cuisine, then you know you’re in for a treat. The menu is a mix of Guatemalan dishes and more common Mexican fare.

The staff was very pleasant, friendly, and attentive, and I wished I had come for more of a full meal. This place’s menu has the biggest selection of tequilas that I have ever seen by far. It really made me want to do a bunch of shots, but alas, it was the middle of the afternoon and I was by myself. Another time, perhaps!

Endorsement from me: Big yes.


This vegan restaurant in Coolidge Park, right under Clumpies Ice Cream (which needs no recommendation as its well-deserved fame speaks for itself) was good to finally visit. Once again, staff were friendly and attentive. This is a surprisingly affordably priced restaurant for being vegan – one would expect it to be more expensive considering the lack of other vegan options in town. The menu leans toward Mexican options but does have good variety, and best of all, there are yummy looking vegan desserts in the counter at the front!

Endorsement from me: Yes!

Nic and Normans

Nic and Normans is located in the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo massive brick building, on the far left side. (Stir is a more popular and well-known bar on the far right of the building, but I didn’t get the chance to go to it. Do it though, it’s super popular!)

I don’t recall the name of this cocktail but it had whiskey and beer and lemon and was surprisingly tasty and refreshing. The lamb burger was delicious; the spinach dip was not. Service was unfortunately slow that night despite a small crowd and plenty of staff, but hopefully that was an off night.

Endorsement from me: Sure, I guess, but only if Stir is too busy. (Let me know if you’ve had a better experience.)

The Frothy Monkey

Picture taken from Google Images results, credit to @sweetstephen55

The Frothy Monkey is also located within the Chattanooga Choo Choo and is my other favorite coffeeshop. It’s also quite popular for brunch (breakfast options are served until 5 pm!) and lunch. They’ve got a good menu for both meals and are quite the hip location. Avocado toast and mimosas, anyone? They have a variety of interesting signature drinks, like the Rosemary Honey Latte and the Monkey Mocha, made with chocolate sauce and banana syrup. The little loft up to the right is great for longer stays to chat, read, or study.

Endorsement from me: Big Yes!

Chattanooga has a great food scene, and there are so many other great places. Please comment below with some of your favorites!


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