Why You Shouldn’t Settle

Because your humanity is a tantalizing, tragic, inspiring mystery, and you have the God-given right and duty to use and enjoy it.

You were not made to serve; you were not put here to kneel to anyone on your level. All people are on your level, and you are on theirs. The outward stuff is just trappings. You will have duties, responsibilities, obligations, allegiance, and hopefully deep love and sacrifice for your fellow people, but only ever as a fellow traveller. Your souls are the same size; you may pay taxes, clock in and out, pay extra deference or respect to a few, but they hold no ultimate sway over you, and never let anyone convince you that their convenience and well-being is the reason you were born into this world. You deserve to ride this ride with head held high, and that has nothing to do with your sex, marital or relationship status, career or lack thereof, or tax bracket.

The courage to get what you want out of life is self care, just like taking care of your body after a long week. The little things matter, and if you don’t look after them, you might miss the big things because you’re so used to letting chances at happiness pass you by. You don’t need to do that anymore, love. You are worth it right now, right where you are, whether you feel it or not. Now have some kindness and compassion for yourself and act like you’re worth it. Be good to you, in every way possible.

Shake that monkey of fear and insecurity off your back, or better yet, bring it into the room with you until it runs away because it can’t stand the pain of the light of being in the presence of everything your heart wants. Its lie, that those things are not for you, that you’re not enough and that you can’t do it, will be exposed for the nonsense it is, and it will slink back.

Actually, scary things don’t get less scary, but you do get a lot more used to doing scary things. A level of nervousness or doubt that would have sent you packing before will just make you roll your eyes and think, oh great, here we go again, looks like I’m gonna have to do something hard again, ugh, this is really uncomfortable but there’s nothing for it. Here goes nothing; I know at least I won’t regret it. You have nothing to lose but time, and that is slipping through our fingers already. The pain of not going for it is always so much greater than the pain of going for it.

Who told you that you had to stay small, that you didn’t deserve to have your dreams come true when so many less deserving people have gone after what they want and gotten it? Do you think it’s hubris, a lack of humility or contentment, to chase greater things? It’s not wrong at all; you’re not hurting anyone by changing for the better, you were just made to feel that way by people afraid to do the same. You were hurting their comfort zone, and that’s okay – don’t be afraid to be brutal with your own. You’ll survive, and be so much stronger and happier on the other side of it. The rush of power flowing through your veins – it feels incredible.

Be brave; just try it on for size to see how bravery feels, and then keep doing it over and over every time an opportunity presents itself, no matter how small.

You deserve to have something in this life, something of your own to hold in your hand and say “This is mine, it’s the truth about me; I had what it took to accomplish this – and I still have.” You CAN level up in life. You CAN make some dreams come true. Go on, reach out your hand, and take it.

You’ve walked long enough. It’s time to start running. Run for your life – it’s quite literally waiting there for you, beckoning you on, saying “Come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Published by gracexaris

Explorer, thinker, writer, teacher, woman.

3 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Settle

    1. Thanks for saying so; I’m so glad you liked it! It took so many years for me to start thinking this way. I dearly hope to help other people get out of survival mode and into thriving mode as we walk life’s journey.

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